Pump Up Your Packaging Prowess

Pump Up Your Packaging Prowess

Packaging can make or break a product’s success at the critical point of sale. With this in mind, a delicate balance of form and function is of utmost importance. With an overwhelming number of options available in the marketplace, cutting through the clutter and making the right decision for your product and budget can be a daunting task. But worry not! This article will shed some light on the topic and help you think outside of the box on your next packaging purchase.

Tips for Your Packaging

Get the most bang for your buck by following these tips:

  • Utilize Procurement Management – Get maximum savings from a supplier that offers procurement management. It involves taking a snapshot of your annual packaging purchases and treating your annual spend as one large job as opposed to multiple small jobs.
  • Buy in Bulk & Warehouse – Lower your costs and on-hand inventory by purchasing in bulk and storing additional inventory in a warehouse.
  • Look for a Source with an Online Inventory/Ordering Site — If you have several different SKUs, maximize efficiency with a virtual warehouse. Get instant details with item pictures, specs, inventory levels, order/reorder capabilities and reporting.
  • Maximize Impact with Graphic Design – Quality graphic design will make your packaging stand out and help tell your product’s story. If you don’t have a graphic designer on your staff, it’s worth it to find a marketing partner with design capabilities to spruce up your existing designs or come up with new concepts.

Packaging Products

Here is a list of some of the most popular packaging products:

  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Paperboard Boxes
  • Folding Cartons
  • Corrugated POP Displays
  • Retail Packaging & Displays
  • Rigid Setup Boxes
  • Blank Packaging Supplies
Marketing ROI Toolbox

Need Help with Your Packaging?

Whether you are looking to save money, improve the look and functionality of your packaging, or both, Adventure can help. Our industry knowledge and marketing DNA creates form that inspires purchases, while our blend of production capabilities ensure functional solutions are presented for your product. If you are launching a new product or questioning the effectiveness of your existing packaging, our team can provide unbiased feedback and a better way to package your product.

Our standard packaging capabilities include:

  • Flexographic Printing 1-10 Colors + Coating
  • Lithographic Printing 1-7 Colors + Coating
  • Rotogravure Printing 1-6 Colors + Coating
  • Large Variety of Warehoused Stocks
  • Warehousing & Fulfillment Available
  • Procurement Management
  • Graphic Audit
  • Stock Packaging Supplies

To learn more, contact us.


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