Project Recap: Wolf’s Den Flag

Project Recap Wolf's Den Flag

Signage isn’t the only way to identify your property. You can also get a branded flag to fly proudly for all to see.

That’s just what our friends at Wolf’s Den decided to do. They used our promotional product services to get a black 8′ X 10′ flag with the logo of their business printed on it. If you’re ever in the Cameron, Wisconsin area and need a good place to eat, drink or camp, check out Wolf’s Den!

Interested in getting a flag for your business? Let’s chat!

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Promotional products are used by nearly every business as giveaways, incentives or for advertising. If you’ve ever been tasked with ordering them, you are aware that the buying process can be challenging. A divided supplier landscape forces you to choose between online companies and brick-and-mortars. The online companies feature low unit prices offset by inflated shipping charges, minimal customer service and no accountability. The higher-priced brick-and-mortars offer outdated “idea catalogs” and cumbersome ordering processes.

We’ve created a best-of-both-worlds approach that combines the freedom of online research with the accountability and customer service of brick-and-mortars. We then take it a step further by adding a multitude of value-added solutions that provide a better way to buy.

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