Project Recap: Waste Rentals Website Updates

Project Recap Waste Rentals Website Updates

Marketing is all about continual improvement. The website updates we recently implemented for Waste Rentals are a great example.

We built the original Waste Rentals site, and it looked and worked great. But as their business grew, they realized that some updates would make the site even better. We collaborated on “Phase 2” and ended up making the following updates:

  • Revamped home page that included a new eye-catching hero video
  • Addition of a “Get a Quote” page that is prominently referenced in a call to action (CTA) in the top right of the main navigation
  • Addition of a new “Water Tank Rental” service page
  • New layouts for all of the city-specific Service Area pages
  • Addition of a Photo Gallery

We took a good site and elevated it. We can do the same for you, too. Contact Adventure today for all of your web design and development needs!

Want to Make Updates to Your Website?

A memorable impression is a great website’s first attribute. Powered by eye-catching design and strategic brand messaging, great web design can separate your company from the competition while providing a sense of instant credibility amongst your visitors.

Great web design is more than a talented designer in front of a computer. It starts by understanding your business model and researching where you stack up amongst competitors… Followed by strategy, enforcement or creation of brand standards, creative meetings, client discussion, mockups and finally… design mastery.

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