Project Recap: Mobile Home Stuff Store Postcards & Landing Page

Project Recap Mobile Home Stuff Store Postcard & Landing Page

We recently worked with Mobile Home Stuff Store to develop and execute a multi-channel campaign with the objective of driving conversions/quote requests on a landing page. We designed and sent out postcards to mobile home owners within MHSS service areas that included a QR code that directed to the landing page. We also are retargeting all website visitors with Facebook ads that push to the landing page.

If you need help with multi-channel marketing, contact Adventure!

Why Direct Mail?

Direct mail is the perfect tool to get noticed by existing or prospective clients. Unlike digital marketing channels that disappear with a click, direct mail puts your message right in the hands of your target audience, making it the ideal media to attract and engage.

Adventure is more than a direct mail house. By incorporating strategygraphic designcopywritinglist & data services and printing, we can ensure you a Better way to cut through the clutter and demand response.

To pick up some expert tips on how to save money on your printing and mailing by reading 9 Hacks to Lower Your Print & Mail Costs Without Sacrificing Quality & Service.

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