Project Recap: MK Farm Brochure

Project Recap MK Farm Brochure

We love tackling new projects, and we really love new customers. We recently got both when MK Farm Drainage Specialists, of Lacon, IL, reached out to us to help them out with their brochure. After a couple get-to-know-you sessions where MK Farm learned about our services and we learned about their goals for the brochure, it was time for liftoff on the project. Here’s what we did…

Graphic Design

MK Farm had an existing brochure, but they wanted to take it to the next level. Our award-winning designers gave the brochure a clean, updated look that was simple but still visually appealing. They incorporated new fonts, cover & header images and pull quotes while also rearranging some of the existing photos and adding new ones.


Like the design, the copy in the MK Farm brochure needed some updating. The Adventure copywriting team reviewed the brochure from cover to cover, cleaned up the existing copy and wrote new copy where necessary. The end result was messaging that told the MK Farm story and provided an overview of its services in a way that would appeal to potential customers.

List & Data

MK Farm wanted to use its brochure as a sales tool to find new customers, and we helped zero in on their IDeal™ customers. Using criteria provided by MK Farm — such as occupation (farmer), location (Illinois Valley) and acreage size — we narrowed down the broad list of prospects to those that best fit what they were looking for. After completing the targeting process, we procured a mailing list.

Print & Mail

After we procured the mailing list, it was time to go to the presses. We facilitated the printing, addressing and mailing processes to make it easy for MK Farm. All they had to do was wait for the phone calls to start coming in!

Need Help on Your Next Project?

Whether you have a project similar to MK Farm’s on the horizon or something completely different, we can help! We offer a variety of digital and traditional channels and have an Crew of Experts at the ready to provide their expertise every step of the way. To learn more or get started, contact us.

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