Project Recap: JohnTalk Infographic Design

Project Recap JohnTalk Infographic Design

Infographics are great because they allow you to share information in an appealing, easy-to-consume format.

We’ve been creating infographics for JohnTalk for several years now to help those in the portable restroom industry start up and improve their businesses. The most recent infographic we created shows and explains proper procedures for unloading, moving and loading portable restrooms. According to our customer, it may be our best infographic yet!

Do you need help writing copy for an infographic, designing it or both? Contact us and put our experts to work for you!

Need to Up Your Graphic Design Game?

Oftentimes, a potential customer’s initial impression of your business is accompanied by a graphic representation of your brand. Whether it be a business card left behind by a sales rep, a product brochure, postcard, website or advertisement, prospective customers will make decisions based on content and overall aesthetic appeal… or lack thereof.

Great design is a rarity… It isn’t just creating something that looks good on screen. Great design is creating with an intended audience and a specific medium in mind. It can move & inspire, inform & educate… Great design balances message and purpose. Greatness is found within our award-winning design department. Our team will listen to understand your vision and goals and then create with your objectives in mind. By always designing with the intended audience and medium in mind, your piece will stand out from the competition and elicit reaction.

Whether you need help creating new concepts, carrying out your existing identity or simply pre-flighting supplied files, we provide Better design services.

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