Produce Content and Copy That Elicit Response from Your Audience

Produce Content and Copy That Elicit Response from Your Audience

Content is king! Yes, it’s a superlative, but when you are competing in the digital marketing age, it’s true. Your content and copy can put you on the front page (literally and figuratively). To the contrary, poorly written copy can be a debilitating weakness that drains the effectiveness out of even the most well-planned campaigns. Read this article for insight into how to improve the effectiveness of your content and copy.

Tips for Your Content and Copy

It can be argued that content marketing has overtaken traditional push marketing as the most effective way to generate leads and eventually make sales. With this in mind, it’s critical that you develop your content and copy while always keeping your marketing strategy in mind. Here are three ways to succeed:

  • Serve Three Masters with Your Content — It’s important to understand the importance of content at a deeper level… it’s not just words on paper or a screen. Your content and copy must serve these masters:
    • Proper Language Standards – The surest way to be dismissed is by presenting less-than-perfect grammar.
    • Persuasive Style – If your copy does not inspire the reader to respond, then you’re just blowing smoke.
    • Search Engine Ranking – Yes, there is a third and very important aspect to consider. Today’s copy must appeal to search robots as well as humans.
  • Use White Hat Techniques – When writing for SEO, use “white hat” techniques, also known as ethical SEO. White hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization strategies, techniques and tactics that comply with search engine rules based on a human audience and not “tricking” the search engine. Alternate techniques, known as “black hat” can get your website banned from search engines. For more information, read our article Introduction to SEO.
  • Look for a Content and Copy Source That Gives You Options – It can be beneficial to utilize a marketing agency that offers content and copywriting services. Their experts will be able to produce quality content backed by marketing expertise. If you do go this route, look for a source that allows you to choose between using content and copy experts on a per project basis OR monthly retainer.

Content and Copy Services

Marketing content and copy come in a variety of formats. Here are some of the most common:

  • Advertising Copy
  • Website Content
  • Text for Collateral – Brochures, Sell Sheets, Flyers
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Email Copy
  • Translation Services
  • Audio & Video Scripting
  • Advertorials
  • Infographics
  • White Papers
  • Technical Copy
  • Boilerplate Communication Copy
  • Editing & Proofing
Tip, Trick or Talk

Need Help with Your Content and Copy?

If your content and copy have become stale, or if it’s just not your thing, we can help! We provide a full assortment of content and copy services ranging from social media posts to in-depth white papers. Whether we’re writing copy from scratch or proofreading and editing supplied content, we scrutinize every detail. We don’t give anything our stamp of approval unless it follows proper language standards, is persuasive and (if digital) is optimized for search engine ranking.

To learn more, contact us.


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