Middleton Doors Organic SEO: Increasing Organic Website Traffic

Middleton Doors Organic SEO Increasing Organic Website Traffic

From an Unknown to the Top of Google

Adventure Marketing Solutions was hired by Middleton Doors (Overhead Door Company of Joliet), a provider of residential and commercial garage door products and services, to increase website traffic by improving their website’s search ranking. The site had zero organic traffic prior to the start of the project. That changed after Adventure took over management of the website and implemented various on-page and off-page SEO tactics. The project lasted 1 year until satisfactory results were achieved and it was evident the site’s keyword rankings were stable.

For this project, Adventure was successful in:

  • Increasing keyword reach from 0 to 106 keywords
  • Achieving 17 top Google Maps rankings
  • Achieving 23 first-page Google rankings
  • Helping make organic search the number one source of high-quality website traffic
  • Outranking all local competition for the keywords “garage doors” and “garage door repair”


Prior to hiring Adventure, Middleton had not done any SEO work. This left them at a disadvantage from a competitive standpoint. If anyone used a search engine to find garage door products or services, Middleton was nowhere to be found. And because 72% of active buyers search Google using basic keywords and phrases and 96% of interested buyers visit a company’s website first before reaching out to sales, countless opportunities for sales were being missed.

Middleton boiled down its expectations for the new SEO program to a single but lofty goal: show up at the top of results when a local active buyer searched for garage door-related products or services, including new door installation, garage door maintenance or garage door repair. This was a challenge for a couple reasons. First, the garage door sector is very competitive when it comes to relevant keywords. There would be lots of competition not only from local family-owned companies but also the big box stores that offer garage door products and have a high domain authority. In addition, Middleton’s location in suburban Chicago made the task that much more difficult due to the sheer number of competitors. Strategic planning was necessary to ensure Middleton could hold its own with the popular search terms while appearing at the top when more niche longtail keywords were used.

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How Adventure Helped

Adventure provided Middleton Doors with the following services:

  • Agency Services
    • Content Creation & Copywriting

Adventure began the project by researching opportunities. The team identified citation opportunities at the local, regional and national levels. Citations are online references to a business’s name, address and phone number. It was also identified that there were opportunities for contextual links, which are clickable words or lines of text found within the content of a webpage. Contextual links are usually keywords for which you are trying to rank.

Once the strategy development was complete, Adventure went to work creating uniform citations with geo-optimized photos. Also, new city and county landing pages were created for the website as part of the link-building process to boost the site. In order to facilitate consistent growth and push toward the top, new citations and backlinks from trusted sources were generated each month.

Adventure also transferred the website to a new host and from the old URL to a new one. In order to monitor and track site traffic, the team set up an analytics account.

Results, ROI & Future Plans

With this project, there was nowhere to go but up. Adventure was successful in helping the Middleton website go from no organic traffic to making it the top source of quality traffic. The tactics implemented resulted in higher volume, lower bounce rate, more pages per session and double the time on the site. These are all data points related to engaged visitors.

With respect to keywords, Adventure’s work increased keyword reach from 0 to 106 keywords. The Middleton website now has 17 top rankings in Google Maps and 23 first-page rankings in Google search results. Middleton Doors is now outranking all local competitors for the term “garage doors.”

This project ran for 1 year and is now in a place where Adventure and Middleton are comfortable stopping and monitoring the continued momentum and website traffic while keeping an eye on emerging search competitors.

Have additional questions about SEO or want to learn even more? Call us at 815.431.1000 or submit this form to contact us. You can also visit the SEO/SEM section of our blog.


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