Marketing Quick Tip: Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer

Just because you have a smart sales team that knows your buyers, doesn’t mean their gut instinct is always right. Validate the hypotheticals with voice of customer.

Take the psychographic documentation from your persona report, and reword each of your hypotheticals into questions. For example, if you determine one of your Value Propositions is your company’s ability to make the most durable products, rephrase to ask “What values do you find in our products, and why did you choose us?” Follow suit rewording each hypothesis, then use an unbiased third party to interview your clients and ask the questions. We recommend a third party as, oftentimes, customers will hold back or tell their supplier what they want to hear. Document each answer and compare to your hypotheses. Revise as necessary, and update your persona report.

Tip, Trick or Talk

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