Marketing Quick Tip: Personification


At the end of the day, business-to-business sales is still a people-to-people business! Once you have your IDeal Account Profile, to relevantly market, you need to identify and document the demographic & psychographic commonalities of the people that hold the power to use you.

Compile a list of personas that match your IDeal Account Profile. Next, think about the specific buyer or decision-maker at each account. Document their demographic info like Age, Gender, Job Title & Level of Education. Then, document their psychographic info like Channel Preference, Purchasing Goals, Value Propositions & Unique Selling Propositions that got them to choose you. Finally, marry your IDeal Account Profile with the demographic information, and give it to a marketing partner to pull lead reach reports for available email records, as well as audience counts on Facebook & LinkedIn. Take the psychographic information and use it to craft messaging standards that speak to your target audience and begin implementing it in your sales & marketing efforts.

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