Marketing Quick Tip: Make Your Website a Sales Tool!

Make Your Website a Sales Tool

No matter the channel or tactic, 96% of buyers will visit your website BEFORE reaching out to sales. For many, your website serves as a first impression. A B2B website should have 2 goals: Convert the buy-ready and Engage the “tire kickers.”

Get out of your own shoes and into those of your prospects. How do they interpret your website? Is it easy to understand? Are there clear calls to action? Does the content reflect the value propositions and unique selling propositions you validated during the voice of customer process? Does it funnel visitors based on their job function or industry? Is it mobile-friendly, and does it load quickly? Can an active buyer easily find contact info on each page? Is there gated content (like a Lead Magnet), that can engage a tire kicker? Objectively walk through your site page by page answering those questions, and document improvements. Test your website’s speed using Google’s Test My Site tool, and to ensure your site displays properly on mobile devices, use their Mobile-Friendly Test. Implement changes to improve those scores if lacking.

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