Marketing Quick Tip: Get Social

Get Social

Yeah, we’ve heard it before… “My customers aren’t on Facebook” or “My LinkedIn Page hasn’t gotten me one sale!” Guess what? We don’t doubt it, but our hunch is you might be looking at it incorrectly!

So many B2Bs are quick to discount the power of social media because they assume the objective is about getting followers & likes… and it’s not. 79% of online adults are on Facebook & 133 million people in the US have a LinkedIn account. For B2B, the power of social comes when you target your ideal prospect, throw an ad in front of them (perhaps promoting your lead magnet), harvest their eyeballs and move them off of social and onto your web properties. Social media is underpriced attention right now — you can try it with as little as $5/day — and with their robust targeting tools, it is easy to reach the right people. Set up an ad account on Facebook & LinkedIn and explore custom audiences and campaigns.

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