Marketing Quick Tip: Determine the Micro & Macro

Determine the Micro & Macro

Marketing is all about conversions… not just converting the sale but stacking small victory on top of small victory in order to build momentum. Here, you need to identify the micro & macro conversions that signal intent and level of sales-readiness.

Micro Conversions like lead magnet downloads, “contact us” page visits, newsletter signups and literature requests are the actions taken by a prospect that signal interest, but not necessarily buy-readiness. Macro Conversions like meeting or demo requests, emails, form submissions or phone calls are actions taken that send a strong signal of intent or buy-readiness. Both conversion types can vary by industry and size of sales team. But, by creating and implementing micro & macro conversions into your tactical marketing approach, not only will it help you determine individual campaign ROI, but in the digital arena, can help trigger deeper sales engagement to escalate micro to macro & macro to sale-ready.

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