Marketing Quick Tip: Automate to Elevate!

Automate to Elevate

Elevate your sales team by automating marketing to engage, nurture, convert & get more out of existing customers.

Not all salespeople are created equal… only the best salespeople successfully nurture cold leads from the top of the funnel down by making regular, relevant touches providing the right content at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Not to mention, B2B sales typically have longer buy-cycles, which means salespeople instinctively spend more time following up, answering questions and providing details to the warmer leads and, often, neglect the cold leads. Think of automation like email marketing on steroids, allowing you to build out email sequences, landing pages and triggers specific to your goals. Contrary to traditional email marketing, automation allows you to send all touches in a specific order at predetermined intervals. So, whether a lead comes in today, tomorrow, a month from now or a year from now, they begin each program from the beginning, on their own schedule, allowing you to control the narrative and tell the story you want in the order you want.

Understanding and setting up automation for your company can be challenging. Popular platforms like Pardot, Bloomreach (formerly Exponea), Marketo, Keap and SharpSpring offer tools and resources to guide you through the learning curve, but often require a significant investment of time & money. If you want to cut to the front of a line and save time and money, consult with a marketing partner who will work with you to understand your buyer and sales objectives and help you map out automated workflows specific to your company, buyers & budget.

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