Identify Your Best Customers with IDeal™ Customer Discovery

Identify Your Best Customers with IDeal™ Customer Discovery

You know some of your customer relationships are more profitable than others. But which ones? If you knew for sure, you wouldn’t spend your time, energy and money to attract any customer that’s less than ideal. Well, now you can identify your most (and least) profitable customer relationships with our proprietary IDeal™ Customer Discovery process.

How Does IDeal™ Customer Discovery Work?

In short, IDeal™ Customer Discovery consists of our strategists at AMS creating a profitable customer profile (persona) we can use to find prospects that have the highest propensity to become your next home run relationship. Armed with the results, you can go to market confident that your efforts and dollars point directly at the right target.

The process begins by merging your historical sales and marketing data with third-party research. The aggregate is then entered into our IDeal™ Quadrant analysis system which weighs and scores four key performance indicators (KPIs): Volume, Frequency, Recency and Profitability. The results may surprise you.

IDeal™ Customer Discovery Methods

We identify your IDeal™ customers by utilizing the following methods:

  • Sales and Marketing Historical Analysis
  • Third-Party Market Research
  • Target Industry Growth Cycle Research
  • Market Trends & Executive Insights
  • Industry Segmentation
  • Customer Profile Attribute Definition (personas)
  • Industry Penetration Analysis
  • Market Segment Opportunity Comparison
Marketing ROI Toolbox

Expert-Backed Strategies

IDeal™ Customer Discovery works because it involves true experts from start to finish. The Adventure team has developed processes and procedures based on 15+ years in the marketing consulting arena. Our third-party research and statistics come from the most reliable and respected names in the marketing industry: Dun & Bradstreet, Acxiom and Experian are just a few examples.

Ready to Begin?

Don’t start a campaign unless you’ve clearly defined the target and proven the potential return. The IDeal™ Customer Discovery process is a scientific approach to target marketing and a Better way to direct your marketing efforts.

To learn more or get started, contact us.


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