How to Give Your Marketing Agency Access to Your Facebook Account

How to Give Your Marketing Agency Access to Your Facebook Account

Facebook is better known as a source of entertainment or personal networking than a business tool. However, as our article about Facebook ads explains, there is no shortage of reasons to incorporate it into your sales and marketing plans. When you market on the world’s leading social media platform, you can put your company in front of your ideal customers and achieve your goals without spending a significant amount of your marketing budget.

If you’ve never experienced marketing success with Facebook, it’s likely due to one of these reasons:

  • No company page or page that is rarely used
  • Using only the free features of Facebook (News flash: This approach doesn’t work)
  • An ineffective social media marketing strategy
  • A social media marketing strategy that doesn’t integrate seamlessly into your larger digital sales funnel

Don’t let your struggles of the past sour you on Facebook. In the right hands and with the right strategy, Facebook can become an indispensable component of your marketing arsenal. That’s why it’s not uncommon for businesses to employ marketing agencies to help them get and stay on track. Perhaps that’s why you were interested in reading this article.

A marketing agency provides value by lending the knowledge and skills of experts in many areas (social media, content, automation, etc.) and lessening the workload of your internal personnel, freeing up time for them to be more productive in other areas.

An agency’s level of involvement can range from minimal, where they’ll only step in to assist with certain campaigns or tasks, to high, where they’ll manage most or all Facebook activities. Regardless of the situation, they’ll need to be able to work within your Facebook account. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to give your marketing agency access to your Facebook account and Facebook Ads Manager account.

Instructions for Providing Access to Your Facebook Account

Obviously, the simplest way to let anyone work in any account is to give them the login credentials. But if you’re not comfortable sharing that information (it’s no surprise if you’re not) there is another quick and easy process for your marketing agency to gain access.

1. Share Your Company Page Information

Provide your marketing agency with the URL and/or @username of your company page so they can locate the correct page.

Facebook Step 1

2. Wait for Your Agency to Request Access

The agency will log in to their Business Manager account, look up your company page and request access.

3. Look for Your Agency’s Request in the Notifications Tab

Facebook Step 3

4. Click “Respond to Request”

Facebook Step 4

5. Click “Continue”

Facebook Step 5

6. Click “Accept Request”

Facebook Step 6

7. Enter & Submit Your Password to Confirm Authenticity

Tip, Trick or Talk

Instructions for Providing Access to Your Facebook Ads Manager Account

Whether you plan to run ads immediately or down the road, your marketing agency will need access to your Facebook Ads Manager account as well. This is a separate process from providing access to your company page, but it’s not complicated.

1. Provide Your Marketing Agency with Your Ad Account ID

Go to Ads Manager and click the account dropdown menu above the search and filter bar to find it.

Facebook Ads Step 1

2. Wait for Your Agency to Request Access

The agency will log in to their Ads Manager account, look up your ads account and request access.

3. Look for Your Agency’s Request in the Requests Tab

Facebook Ads Step 3

4. Click “Approve”


Facebook marketing success can be just around the corner for your company. Just consult with your marketing agency to put together a strategy and follow the steps outlined in this article to provide them with access to your Facebook account. It’s quick and easy and allows the collaboration to begin!

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