Go Big with Your Next New Project Launch

Go Big With Your Next New Project Launch

Every year, companies have new projects or special projects to get off the ground. These kinds of projects require innovation, but innovation can sometimes create chaos. For this reason, it’s critical to put significant thought into the strategy. Chaos can be avoided when the time is taken to understand and define the project goals. From there, comprehensive strategies can be implemented that directly support those goals.

Here are some examples of new/special projects:

  • Launching or testing a new product, line or division
  • Offering a new service
  • Unbiased examination and analysis of any current process, product or service
  • Introducing new staff or a new location/territory
  • Promoting a specific event or sale
  • Increasing the impact of tradeshow participation
  • Exploring a spin-off company or product
  • Specific product or service sales or process improvement
  • Reinventing a current product or service

Does your company have any of these or similar new projects on the horizon? If so, read through the rest of this article to gain some helpful advice.

Tips for Your New Project Launch

Here are three tips for when you have a new project to launch:

  • Experience Matters — Launching a big new project isn’t the time to experiment. Failure can result in lost money and hurt the company image. If your company doesn’t have a history of successful launches from which to pull ideas, hire a marketing consultant or agency (and avoid production companies that only dabble in marketing).
  • Invest in Superior Technology & People – Successful project execution requires state-of-the-art hardware and software, as well as knowledgeable people to “push the buttons.” If you have these things in-house, make sure your technologies and processes are current and your team has received ongoing training. If you are short on resources — tools or manpower — work with a partner that can supply them.
  • Think Economical – If utilizing a partner, a source that can offer a blend of in-house production and best-fit sourcing will guarantee your projects are executed in the most economical way.
Tip, Trick or Talk

Need Help with Your New Project Launch?

In the previous section, it was mentioned that it may be necessary to hire a partner for either long-term, big-picture marketing consulting and implementation or assistance on a one-and-done project or campaign. At Adventure Marketing Solutions, we have experience and a track record of success with both. We know which mistakes to avoid and have the expertise and strategic partnerships to ensure your project is a great success.

Our project-specific services include:

  • Market Research
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Trends
    • Focus Groups
    • Industry Statistics
    • Growth Potential Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Brand Development
  • Package Design & Development
  • Inbound & Outbound Marketing Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation
  • Tradeshow Strategies
  • Sales Staff & CRM Integration & Strategy

To learn more, contact us.


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