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Being a business owner is tough. The responsibilities are numerous and the costs to keep the doors open are high. When it comes to owning and operating a trucking business, the financial challenges are even greater. A single truck comes with a steep price tag. Owning a fleet of trucks requires a huge investment.
Are you getting a good deal on your mud flaps? Imagine the savings if you could find a more affordable choice!

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Order Process

We offer two extremely versatile and durable materials for our mud flaps:  Rubber or Polyethylene (Plastic).  Our rubber mud flaps only come in black, but our polyethylene options can be all white.  We’re able to offer specific colors in our polyethylene options as well.

Your logo/design can be printed in any color from our library that contains more than 20 colors.   *Note: The colors listed are for visual purposes only.  Actual colors may vary.

We have a variety of sizes to choose from, depending on what size truck or trailer you’re outfitting. Select from our 18″ x 24″, 24″ x 18″, 24″ x 24″, 24″ x 30″, and 24″ x 36″ sizes.

Custom sizes are also available upon request. Polyethylene sheets are available upon request at 55” wide. We’re able to customize the length to whatever spec you may need. Ask about our sheets! Special requests are always welcomed with us.

Rubber mud flaps are available in two different thicknesses: 1/4″, and 3/8″.


Plastic mud flaps are available in three different thicknesses: 3/16″, 1/4″, and 3/8″.

Our durable and flexible 1/4″ and 3/8″ mud flaps come with anti-spray and anti-sail vertical grooves. These are great for gravel and dump trucks. These mud flaps have vertical grooves on the back that channel water to the ground and minimize side spray, which makes them safer for you and other drivers on the road. This causes the mud flaps to cost slightly more than the average product option, but they are built to last much longer, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

On all orders there is a minimum quantity order of 50 pieces.

Our design options are endless. Do you already have something mocked up? Send us your logo, text or design and we can show you exactly what your mud flaps would look like.

If you don’t already have something in mind, no problem. Call us today and our skilled design team can come up with a logo that you’ll love to show off! Your design can be stored at our facilities to make re-ordering that much easier. You’ll still own the rights to your logo, we’ll just hold on to it for you!

Common Questions

Custom mud flaps have more advantages than we can list! The biggest one is brand recognition. As a business owner, it is extremely important to get your name out there, grow your clientele and become a part of your community. Custom mud flaps for your entire fleet can offer you this advertising 24/7 when you are out on the road.

Yes! We do require a minimum order of at least 50 pieces before we will begin manufacturing your custom mud flaps.

Of course! It’s safer to have mud flaps, than to not. It is actually a law in the United States that all dump or semi-trucks are required to have mud flaps. Mud flaps protect other drivers from blown out tires and other debris that can travel around while driving.