Find More Customers Like Your Best Customers

Find More Customers Like Your Best Customers

Customer acquisition is not easy, and it’s definitely not cheap. It would be nice if you could market to everyone in the industry your company serves. But the fact of the matter is, very few companies — if any — have the budget or manpower to pull it off. For this reason, your focus should be on trying to find more customers like your best customers.

Focus Your Marketing

Narrowing your target audience from everybody to only the best of the best is beneficial for a couple of reasons. First, you can develop your marketing messages to “speak” more directly to a specified group of prospects. When you target a broad audience, your messaging has to be more generic, and it will lack the impact necessary to compel them to act. Set out to be an expert to your select top prospects. Focusing on a smaller prospect pool also allows you to gain a much more complete understanding of who they are and what value they seek from their purchases. When paired with your company’s differentiators or unique selling propositions, it allows you to craft more relevant messaging, which improves your chances for conversion.

Find More of Your Best Customers with IDeal™ Account Discovery

What is the process for identifying and locating the best customers? Most companies (and marketers) make an educated guess and then purchase a list based on the criteria that fit them best. The problem with this method is that there is a degree of luck involved. Maybe it will work out well, maybe it won’t. Guessing and being wrong costs you sales and wastes your money.

A more effective strategy is to eliminate the guesswork, analyze your existing customer list, identify holes in the data and fill in the blanks. At Adventure Marketing Solutions, our method for this process is called IDeal™ Account Discovery. Here is a summary of what it entails:

IDeal™ Account Discovery profiles your best accounts and locates more businesses that match them. We fill the holes in your market-specific customer list and append each record with missing demographic attributes like:

  • Sales Volume
  • Employee Counts
  • Industry Codes & Executive Data
IDeal Account Discovery

When we do this, your customer list starts to tell a story, and we can segment, profile and create reports that identify trends and commonalities. From the appended data, we can create an IDeal™ Account Profile that allows you to increase effectiveness and efficiency by only targeting accounts that mirror previous successes.

As part of IDeal™ Account Discovery, you receive:

  • Smarter Marketing — First and foremost, because we aren’t guessing anymore!
  • Appended Account Data — Your top 100 market-specific accounts appended with data that includes SIC codes, employee counts, geography, sales volume and more
  • Account Profile Report — A visual representation of key account attributes
  • Account Profile Collaboration Meeting — We identify trends and anomalies and work with you to detail your IDeal™ Account Profile
  • IDeal™ Account Profile — A documented PDF profile of your best market segments
  • Market Segment Reach Report — List counts from top data compilers and market share/growth potential info

Have additional questions about IDeal™ Account Discovery or want to learn even more? Call us at 815.431.1000 or submit this form to contact us.

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