demand generation email drip campaign

Establishing interest by promoting content to a cold audience

At the top of the funnel, very few prospects are familiar with your brand, product or services. Here it is all about creating awareness by providing value, not selling. The value you provide should be in the form of helpful, non-salesy content specific to a prospect’s interests, job title or goals. The primary goal of a demand generation drip email campaign is to establish INTEREST (not intent) by getting the recipient to “raise their hand” by clicking through to your blog page in order to move them down the funnel.

The demand generation drip email campaign is a series of 4 emails deployed at predetermined intervals to only those that didn’t click the previous email.

Our demand generation drip emails utilize a branded conversion-centric email template.


  • Customized Workflow
  • Use of Standard Conversion-Centric Design Templates
  • Monitoring & Adjustments for Continual Improvement
  • Monthly Reporting
required to start
  • Marketing Automation License

campaign add-ons

add-on services

top of funnel

establish interest & capture leads



middle of funnel

remain top‑of‑mind & nurture leads



bottom of funnel

establish intent & convert leads



after the sale

retain & expand by building brand advocates