Commercial Printing: Not Dead, Just Evolving

Commercial Printing Not Dead Just Evolving

Navigating the volatile commercial printing landscape can leave you confused and frustrated. A rapidly decreasing number of traditional “print shops,” a daunting vista of low-quality online sources and the influx of propaganda proclaiming that “Print is Dead” make the decision of what to print and who to trust a challenge. For clarity, read the rest of this post for insight that will hopefully make your decision a little easier.

Tips for Your Commercial Printing

Maximize your ROI by following these tips:

  • Seek Perfect Fit Job Matching — Certain sources offer in-house production capabilities but also have external contacts they can utilize. Balancing in-house production and best fit sourcing guarantees your job is produced in the most economical way possible.
  • Utilize Procurement Management — Get maximum savings from a source that offers procurement management. It involves taking a snapshot of your annual print-related purchases and treating your annual spend as one large job as opposed to multiple small jobs.
  • Buy in Bulk & Warehouse – Lower your costs and on-hand inventory by purchasing in bulk and storing additional inventory in a warehouse.
  • Take Advantage of Fulfillment Services — Reduce your administrative burden by taking advantage of a source with a simple trigger mechanism that alerts their production staff to pick, pull and ship out specific literature to your prospects, thus allowing your salespeople more time to close deals.
  • Maximize Impact with Graphic Design – Quality graphic design will make your printed pieces stand out and help tell your product’s story. If you don’t have a graphic designer on your staff, it’s worth it to find a marketing partner with design capabilities to spruce up your existing designs or come up with new concepts. They can also ensure your existing files are set up properly so your job looks perfect upon delivery.

Commercial Print Products

The most common commercial print products include:

  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Books
  • Folders
  • Sell Sheets
  • Flyers
  • Rack Cards
  • Postcards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Business Cards
  • Notepads
  • Calendars
  • Forms
  • Greeting & Holiday Cards
  • Invitations
  • Door Hangers
Marketing ROI Toolbox

Need Help with Your Commercial Printing?

Take refuge in an industry leader in modern marketing that guarantees print isn’t dying, only evolving. Adventure’s roots are in printing, but over the years, we’ve transformed to become a full-service marketing agency. We have in-house production capabilities and an extensive network of highly rated vendors in our list of contacts, so we can help you save money and get your project turned around quickly.

Our standard commercial printing capabilities include:

  • 1-Color to 8-Color + Coatings
  • Up to 81” Sheet Size
  • Sheetfed & Web Printing
  • Die-Cutting Services
  • Short Runs up to 1,000,000 +
  • Large Variety of Warehoused Stocks
  • Warehousing & Fulfillment Available
  • Procurement Management
  • Savings Audit
  • Bindery & Finishing Services
    • Folding, Drilling, Laminating, Numbering, Gluing, Cutting, Collating, Embossing, Foil Stamping, Scratch-Off Application, Stringing, Affixing

To learn more, read 9 Hacks To Lower Your Print & Mail Costs Without Sacrificing Quality & Service, or contact us directly.


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