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case study

the client

Waste Rentals is a local, woman-owned family startup that provides portable restroom solutions in the Arizona Valley, which includes Phoenix and the surrounding area. Their mission is to not only supply clean and easy-to-use equipment but also outstanding customer service to match.

the objective

We’ve been a partner of Waste Rentals from the beginning of their company’s existence. We met the owner in late 2022 and were hired to design their logo. As a brand-new business, they also needed us to build them a website. We accepted this task knowing their ambitions included becoming the preferred portable sanitation equipment rental provider throughout the competitive Arizona Valley service area. Our mission was to create a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website that would rank highly on Google and translate into sales.

PRO Porta Potty Marketing, which we developed with fellow client and portable sanitation industry leader PolyJohn, was the ideal solution. It is designed to take the burden of website and SEO management and optimization from portable restroom operators and put it into the hands of marketing experts who know the ins and outs of the portable sanitation industry and its customers.

the work

We first had to determine the design of the new Waste Rentals website. So, we had the owner choose from our library of great-looking, conversion-centric, mobile-friendly website templates. They picked a template for us to customize to their brand, but they also opted to take it a step further by having us create custom-designed hero images and 10 additional blog posts.

The hero images required extensive Photoshop work. We started by downloading royalty-free stock background images of outdoor areas that fit the expected scenery of the Arizona Valley. Because Waste Rentals was still in the process of acquiring portable sanitation equipment for their business at that time, we had to improvise to be able to incorporate product photos before the site launch. The portable toilets they ordered had red corners and vent screens and would have custom decals applied to them. Our designer utilized stock images of PolyJohn’s products and edited them as necessary to replicate the products Waste Rentals would be offering.

Once that part of the process was complete, our designer combined the background and product images to create a unique hero image for each page. It took a lot of work, but the images add great visual appeal to the site and help promote Waste Rentals as “The Valley’s Best Porta-Potty & Sink Rental Provider.”

For the copywriting portion, our copywriter got insights from the Waste Rentals team to write copy for the entire site — regular page content and blogs.

After the images and copy were all approved by the client, our web development team implemented everything, tested and made the site live.

The website template Waste Rentals selected

The completed Waste Rentals website after “phase 2” updates

The marketing package Waste Rentals selected also included:

• Ongoing website maintenance
• Monthly search engine optimization
• Google Business Profile setup & optimization
• Google review request services
• Monthly analytics & SEO reports

Waste Rentals also hired us to create and manage pay-per-click (PPC) ads. This would allow for a comprehensive approach to search, enabling them to be found organically at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) and in the paid results section.

We implemented on-page and off-page tactics to benefit the site’s organic search ranking and set up and optimized the company’s Google Business Profile (GBP). To get the most out of the GBP, we provided the customer with a review request dashboard to encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews.

We also wrote copy for the PPC ads and got them set up and running. From there, it was a matter of analyzing the reporting data and making optimizations to get the best possible results.

The new website went live early in 2023. In early 2024, we went through a “phase 2” design and development phase to update the site and make it even better. The updates included:

• Revamped home page that included a new eye-catching hero video
• Addition of a “Get a Quote” page that is prominently referenced in a call to action (CTA) in the top right of the main navigation
• Addition of a new “Water Tank Rental” service page
• New layouts for all of the city-specific Service Area pages
• Addition of a Photo Gallery

the results


Local Search Grid is a reporting tool we utilize that shows how a business is ranking for different keywords on a granular level. As opposed to knowing your general ranking for your entire service area, the grid shows where you rank at various locations within your service area that are just a few miles apart.

The colored dots indicate how you rank for the keyword at that location. This level of detail gives you a clearer picture of where you are doing well, where you could be doing better and who your competitors truly are. The goal is to fill the map with as much green as possible.

A top-three ranking will land a business in the coveted Google Local Pack. The Local Pack, also called the 3 Pack or Map Pack, appears at the top of the SERP and features the three most relevant results, as determined by Google’s search algorithm, separate from the other organic search results. These top three results are accompanied by a map showing the business location along with the address, hours and average star rating from customer reviews.

As a new business, it took time for Waste Rentals to build a digital presence and climb the Google rankings. However, as the tactics we implemented had time to take effect, the results were extremely positive.

Keyword: “Waste Rentals”

Keyword: “Portable Restroom Rental”

Keyword: “Portable Sink Rental”


Organic Rank is the SERP (search engine results page) rank achieved from natural (non-paid) SEO tactics. These local, non-map results are the listings that appear below paid ads.

As with Local Search Grid, the tactics we implemented for Waste Rentals eventually paid off in a big way, with several keywords ranking at or near the top.

Keyword Rankings

By February 2024, we had gotten five keywords in the top spot and three others in the second position.

By February 2024, Waste Rentals was outranking its top competitors in several keywords.

This chart displays the number of keywords that the business ranks for and the ranking positions of those keywords. Our tactics consistently increased the number of keywords Waste Rentals ranked for, as well as their ranking positions.

From no digital presence to having multiple high-ranking keywords in just a year, it’s safe to say that our work has made a major positive difference for Waste Rentals. They are reaping the rewards by building their customer base and becoming a go-to service business throughout the Arizona Valley.

If you want more information on how a Porta Potty Marketing Package can make a positive difference in your operation, check out proportapottymarketing.com.

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