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PolyJohn is a family-owned, international manufacturer of portable toilets and sinks that serves portable restroom rental companies, known in the industry as portable restroom operators (PROs).
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Each year, PolyJohn exhibits at the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show, the industry’s largest and most important tradeshow. As PolyJohn’s exclusive marketing agency, Adventure was tasked with identifying a theme and producing numerous promotional and advertising items to generate interest and drive foot traffic to the booth.

We developed a music festival theme for the show called PolyPalooza — a play on the PolyJohn name and the popular Lollapalooza music festival. We felt this would be relatable to PolyJohn’s current and prospective customers since many of them provide services at music festivals. For the booth, we designed multiple graphics and banners featuring the PolyPalooza logo, as well as PolyJohn products and branding. The booth had a concert setting, complete with a music stage, concession area, souvenir table and live music in addition to standard product displays. The giveaway items included band-inspired T-shirts featuring PolyJohn products, and the grand prizes were a pair of Les Paul guitars with the PolyJohn logo. For the giveaways, we produced scratch-off cards that doubled as raffle tickets where visitors filled out their information for a chance to instantly win a T-shirt and be entered to win a guitar. The goal was to have desirable giveaways to help get people to the booth and a fun setting to keep them there as long as possible.

Of course, having a good tradeshow booth only matters if people know about it, so we utilized a multi-channel marketing approach to get the word out. Prior to the show, we placed ads in the industry’s top trade publications and created digital ads for the WWETT Show website promoting the booth and the guitar giveaway. We also made the tradeshow the focus of one of PolyJohn’s monthly promotion emails. At the show, promotional items included floor clings, escalator decals, stair decals and a concession banner featuring the PolyPalooza theme. We also designed an ad for the show’s program & event guide. The tradeshow was a big success for PolyJohn, proven by the number of compliments they received, and more importantly, by the number of visitors to the booth. The foot traffic provided PolyJohn’s sales reps ample opportunities to speak with existing customers and meet prospective buyers. In addition, all 500 lead-gen scratch-off cards got filled out. PolyJohn left the WWETT Show with positive feedback from visitors, orders for the upcoming busy season and hundreds of new leads for follow-up.

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