Electri-Flex Photoshoot

case study

the client

Electri-Flex is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of liquid-tight, flexible electrical conduits located in Roselle, IL. Founded in 1955, the company’s product line currently consists of more than 50 conduits for use in 12+ vertical markets.

the work

Electri-Flex wanted to showcase its cutting division for sales and marketing purposes. To achieve their goals, they needed high-quality photos of their processes and products. A project like this required an experienced photographer with professional equipment, so they called the experts at Adventure.

Our photographer was on-site for a half-day photoshoot and captured close-ups, farther away shots and images at different angles to give Electri-Flex a variety from which to choose. Some of the essential shots were as follows:

  • Worker cutting conduit
  • Worker cleaning and deburring conduit
  • Conduit before cleaning and deburring
  • Conduit after cleaning and deburring

Once back in the office, our photographer uploaded the photos and packaged them up so they could be sent to the customer for use. Although Electri-Flex opted to not have the photos retouched for this project, that is one of the services we offer. Our design team is proficient in Photoshop and can edit photos whether they’re taken by us or customer-submitted. Whatever it takes to ensure those much-needed images look their best!

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