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the client

Avatar Corporation is a manufacturer of products for the food, drug and personal care industries located in south suburban Chicago. All their products are manufactured in accordance with quality standards that meet or exceed all applicable Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

the work

Avatar’s website was outdated, not mobile-friendly and offered limited functionality and customization. It was not conducive to helping the company achieve its goals, so they reached out to Adventure to update their site for the benefit of customers and employees alike.

We built the website on the Magento platform, which offers many user-friendly features including improved funneling of site visitors to relevant products. The new site was built with a scrolling home page and top navigation mega-menus to help visitors make the right product selections. We also incorporated a complex product database with multiple categories and sub-categories, as well as a product search feature. The platform includes a user-friendly CMS (content management system), which allows for easy changes and updates to the site. This feature was essential to go along with the addition of a “news and events” blog page, which enables Avatar to post industry and company updates. All of the updates were built to function seamlessly across devices. This was critical since 86% of B2B buyers access business-related content on mobile devices, according to Genwi.

The Avatar website was developed with a “Phase 2” in mind. We will eventually be connecting to their internal systems to eliminate data silos with product data. As with most website projects, this one was complex and required diligent collaboration between us and the client. The result was a site that both customers and employees can appreciate. To see the website’s new look, check out the images below.

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