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Check out the tactics & results in this top-down digital sales funnel we created for PolyJohn Enterprises.

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For B2B companies, there’s no one-size-fits-all marketing silver bullet. While there are countless strategies and channels that could be utilized, it’s not feasible to try them all. Most businesses don’t have the budget or workforce to take the mass media marketing approach used by B2Cs.

Today’s B2Bs need to develop and follow a strategic roadmap to ensure they target and convert only the leads that most resemble their best customers.

For more than two decades, Adventure has been helping B2B businesses convert their ideal customers. Explore our capabilities below to learn more about the solutions we can provide.

Strategy and planning are the foundation of any marketing job — big or small. We take the time upfront to get to know our clients and their customers because we know thorough preparation and a specific strategy are key to sales and marketing success. Learn More.

Your website is your best asset and the core of your marketing machine. We ensure every website we produce is eye-catching, memorable and conversion-centric while functioning seamlessly across all devices. Learn More.

With most prospective buyers turning to search engines first, a page-one ranking for the right keywords is critical. We utilize both on-page and off-page techniques to optimize your site and keep up with ever-changing search algorithms to help your site get found. Learn More.

Successful lead generation is dependent on reaching the RIGHT lead on the RIGHT channel with the RIGHT message. Our strategy-backed approach to marketing combined with our digital and traditional capabilities allow us to develop and execute conversion-centric campaigns with maximum ROI. Learn More.

A marketing automation platform is a salesperson that never sleeps, works 24/7 and doesn’t require a benefits package. Our automated workflows shorten the sales cycle by optimizing leads and modifying their path and messaging to make it more relevant to their individual buyer’s journeys. Learn More

Even with the rise of digital marketing, traditional marketing still is imperative. We specialize in both and believe in multi-channel marketing, an approach in which a combination of digital and traditional channels work in tandem to produce results in the most effective manner. Learn More.

B2B Lead Generation

How do you guarantee that your B2B marketing attracts, engages and converts buyers? You need to reach the RIGHT lead on the RIGHT channel with the RIGHT message. To be successful, you must understand the path of B2B buyers, also known as the buyer’s journey. Doing so will make it easier to develop a marketing strategy that will increase sales.

Here is the process any B2B buyer goes through…

There are two kinds of buyers: Active Buyers and Inactive Buyers.

Active Buyers have a need or a pain point and are actively looking for solutions. Seventy-two percent of them search Google using basic keywords & phrases. So, if your website ranks in the top 5 organic listings, you can expect some website traffic.

Inactive Buyers are complacent or haven’t become aware that they have a need. They require sales and marketing to get in their face to attract, educate and motivate them.

For both Active or Inactive Buyers, no matter the channel or tactic used to get their attention, 96% will visit your website first BEFORE reaching out to sales. If you never realized the importance of your website, you should now.
Once a buyer lands on your website, they will do one of three things:

  • Convert — This occurs when that buy-ready lead reaches out to sales by phone, email or form submission. Your conversions are handed off to sales for your team to work and close the deal.
  • Research — They check out your content and learn more about your company, products and services, but they aren’t ready to talk to sales. They need to be engaged and nurtured until they become buy-ready.
  • Leave — They didn’t find what they were looking for, or the timing just wasn’t right. Your visitors that left need to be marketed to again, perhaps with different messaging.

It’s imperative to have the right strategic approach to align your marketing program BEFORE you start assigning tasks and implementing tactics. Click below to see an example of a B2B marketing plan.

A B2B Focused Agency

Adventure has executed B2B marketing since our company was founded in 1999. Let us put more than 20 years of experience to work for you! We offer a variety of strategies and tactics to help you attract, engage and convert the business owners, decision-makers and influencers who are the best fit for your company.

Our crew consists of experts in all areas of digital and traditional marketing: strategy, production, automation, graphic design, content, SEO, web development and more. They’ve seen and done it all and have the knowledge and experience to help your B2B company achieve your unique goals.

Below is a sample of Adventure’s proficiencies and tools.

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