Adventure Makes Its Presence Felt at WWETT Show 2018


The annual Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show in Indianapolis was once again a big event for many of our clients. Our own Chris Penhale and Erik Connelly made the trip south to shake hands, kiss babies, generate some leads and check out some of our handy work. This year, we collaborated with PolyJohn for their yearlong “PolyJohn Presents” campaign, and the WWETT Show was its grand unveiling.

PolyJohn Presents Stars of the Show

Customer service is the focus of PolyJohn’s marketing efforts this year, and we decided that a movie premiere theme was a great way to emphasize that aspect of their business. We wanted to put PolyJohn’s clients, portable restroom operators (PROs), in the spotlight as the “stars of the show” to highlight the ways PolyJohn’s customer-focused services help the company stand out in a commoditized space.

Booth Design

PJ Booth Concept
Original Booth Concept
PJ WWETT Booth Front
Final Booth Design

We helped PolyJohn roll out the red carpet for their guests, literally and figuratively, with a booth designed like a movie premiere location. The centerpiece was the PolyJohn marquee with the message “Starring Portable Restroom Operators” over theater doors and attention-grabbing movie posters featuring PolyJohn products created by our outstanding graphic designers.

On one side of the booth was a backdrop where visitors could get their photos taken with celebrities (cardboard cutouts) like Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Carrie Underwood. On the other side was a theater (big screen TV and seating) where visitors could watch promotional videos featuring PolyJohn and JohnTalk, which is PolyJohn’s content marketing initiative Adventure is also helping with. The booth also showcased many of PolyJohn’s products. Next to each product was a product literature stand with sell sheets designed and printed by Adventure.

PJ Sell Sheets

Visitor Engagement

One way we helped PolyJohn encourage engagement at their booth and also capture valuable information from visitors was with the celebrity cutouts. A photographer was on hand to take photos of visitors posing with the celebrities. They were then provided with a photo retrieval card (also designed and printed by Adventure) with instructions for viewing and downloading their photo. The card directed them to the JohnTalk website and required them to register by providing some contact and business information. PolyJohn will use this opt-in information in future marketing efforts.

PJ WWETT Celebrities

There was also a poster giveaway tied into the celebrity photos. Anybody who got their photo taken received either an “Ironman” or “Made in the USA” poster.

PJ Ironman Poster
PJ Manufacturing Poster

Other Products & Services We Provided

In addition to the products and services previously mentioned, Adventure also helped PolyJohn at the tradeshow by providing:

  • Branded Souvenir Cups
  • Promotional Escalator Clings
  • Promotional Stairway Decals
  • Promotional Floor Decal
  • Promotional Concession Stand Banner
  • Print & Digital Ads
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